All of Fire-Rider Is Online — to Good Reviews!

All eighteen serial installments of Fire-Rider are officially published to Amazon. In the near future, they’ll also be available through Smashwords. For the time being, though, you can find your copies right here at Plain and Simple Press. Just go to our Fire-Rider page and click on any of the thumbnails. Voila! An instant link to Amazon!

More details are to be had at the Fire-Rider blogsite. Go here for full-size views of the timeline of the Great Lacuna, for discussions of the discovery and significance of the Cottrite Codex, and for scholarship about the people and places of Kaybrel Fire-Rider’s time.

We’re proud of our book and pleased that readers say they like it. In celebration of its full publication, prices for the first several installments have been slashed by 66%, to just 99 cents! Take advantage of this offer right away — it won’t last long!