At Last: Back in the Saddle. More or Less…

Okay, as proposed a while ago, today I’ll publish this week’s one chapter from the three books in progress. The Book of the Week: The Complete Writer.

Putting this stuff on line is surprisingly time-consuming, because of the amount of formatting and dorking around that has to be done to make it more or less readable. So, as I’ve explained elsewhere, the idea of publishing a chapter a week from each of three books in progress is going away.

I think, too, that trying to put each of the books online in a single place, slowly building each book’s WordPress “Page” into something that holds the entire book’s content, is another lost cause. For one thing, it makes pages that are unmanageably large and difficult for the reader to navigate. For another, it’s redundant: these things exist in PDF format and if you want one, all you have to do is ask. Click on the P&S contact page to do so. And in sum, compiling this stuff into one page is brain-bangingly time-consuming: a fair amount of ditzy behind-the-scenes formatting has to be done, which may be grand if you like that kind of thing…but I don’t.

Instead, I’ll post each book’s table of contents in those pages. Whenever I get around to it, which may or may not be today. Or this week. Or as the next chapter of each book is published. One (1) a week.