Ella, for the moment

NO WAY am I going to get an Ella’s Story post up today. With summer coming to an end, things are heating up here — a lot of activities have re-started and I’ve been busy every minute of every day, mostly out of the house. And in the middle of a great deal of whirling around, in came 7600 words of math copy from one of the Chinese scientists!

Welp, paying work trumps hobbyist frolics, so today I’m going to have to edit copy like mad, since I put off the job over the weekend (do they have Saturdays and Sundays “off” — har har — in China???), today and for the next several days Ella is going to have to wait.

Always glad to get paying work…but sometimes one does wish EVERYTHING wouldn’t happen at once!


And….a-a-a-a-n-d before I can even hit publish here’s ANOTHER of the mathematicians!