Get Rid of Stray Cats in Your Yard

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Section II: Going to the Dogs
(Or Cats)

18. How do I get rid of cats from roaming my yard and pooping in my yard?

  1. Motion-sensitive sprinklers, which you can obtain at Amazon. Set them up along the fence line so they’ll squirt the cat or any other critter (hm . . . burglars included) that tries to get in.
  2. Bird spikes or carpet tack strips affixed to the top of the wall around your yard, if you have one.
  3. Mouse traps, unbaited but set, placed in all the places the cat likes to pee, poop, sit around, or stalk birds.
  4. Mothballs sprinkled around the perimeter of the property and in any places where the cat hangs out and around any objects the cat marks by spraying on them.

Another option: find a way to lure in a barn owl. One of my friends who has a cat-lady neighbor actually watched a barn owl catch and carry away one of her neighbor’s nuisance cats.

Or bait in the local urban coyotes. There’s nothing like a coyote to get rid of a stray cat.

My backyard is surrounded by a block wall that has a row of decorative, perforated cinderblocks at the top. I went over to Home Depot and bought a boxful of carpet tack strips and a large bag of UV-resistant zip-ties. Then I laid two rows of tack strips, side by side, along the top of the wall and zip-tied the things down. At the top of the support columns, which are solid (no decorative holes to secure stuff with zip-ties), I attached pieces of tack strips with heavy-duty double-sided tape.

The cats hate it and no longer jump into my yard to use it as their private toilet.