The Great Aussie-Yankie DIET CONTEST!

The Great Aussie-Yankie Diet Contest! Are you in?Okay, stand back, folks: The dust is about to fly!

Australian Facebook friend Cas Allen and I have thrown down the gauntlet: We’re both determined to lose some fine WEIGHT!

It’s the proverbial struggle of grown-up humans in industrial societies: the processed foods we eat and the forces that tend to keep sedentary lead us to put on the pounds imperceptibly, a few ounces (make that grams in Australia) at a time, until one day it occurs to us that…yes, we’re fat!

I lost 30 pounds over a four-month period by sticking to fresh, whole foods; avoiding starch (potatoes, bread, pasta); cutting out the sugar; and minimizing salt use. That was grand!

But after the boob surgery followed shortly by surgery for an intestinal scarring blockage, for awhile about all I felt like eating was ice cream. And that was kind of the end of the whole healthy-food idea. Next thing you know it’s noodles, baked potatoes, and mounds of rice! I’m now about 8 pounds overweight — down from ten  pounds and still fighting a sweet tooth.

Cas reports a similar stealth weight gain. Like me, she also enjoys good food — lots of it, if at all possible. And good food is to be had in Australia, often influenced by wonderful Asian cuisine.

So, we’ve announced a COMPETITION to see which one can lose weight the fastest and avoid cheating on the diet the bestest. Watch this space for comments reporting our adventures in fine (dietetic) cuisine.

Want to join the race? The rules are simple:

Each day, add a comment to this post reporting how much you lost or gained (in pounds or in kilograms), what you ate, and whether you managed to get any exercise. Competitors must join by 5 a.m. Monday, October 31, U.S. Mountain Standard Time (Google “what time is it in Phoenix AZ to translate your time to Wild West Time).

The contest will run for one month, from October 31 to November 31. Yes, I know: Thanksgiving puts the ‘Mercan contingent at a disadvantage. Too bad. Stock up on turkey and brussels sprouts, and show some balls: push that gravy, stuffing, and mashed potatoes aside!

The winner gets…uhm…thin.

And I will award the winner her or his choice of any Plain & Simple book, in hard copy, PDF, ePub, or .mobi format.

Prizes for….

Who can reach his or her target weight first?f
Who can lose the most weight in a month? (Uhm…without becoming anorexic, please)

Announce your intention in the comments and tell us how much you hope to lose within the next month and your target weight. Then, once a day, enter your weight gain or loss and the highlights of your cuisine and exercising strategy.

May the best fatty skinny person win!

The Great Aussie-Yankie Diet Contest! Are you in?

7 thoughts on “The Great Aussie-Yankie DIET CONTEST!

  1. funny Post author

    My goal: 132 pounds by November 31. Down from 140.1 pounds (about 63.5 kg): That’s about 2 pounds a week.

  2. Cas Allan

    So this morning I am 82.9kg (forget pounds, they do my head in) 😀 I need to lose 13kg by Christmas but it would be unhealthy to do so. My goal then is to lose 8kg and be 75kg by Christmas. That’s a loss of roughly 1kg per week. Almost the same as you Vicky.

    1. Lorena

      May 2, 2011 at 7:07 amrn>aSu<e/,I think that becoming conscious of it is just the start. I wish I was completely liberated from all of this, but I think if I actually said that I was it would be a lie. It is true that a nation that produces an idea doesn’t follow it. I always have those thoughts about the Kama Sutra and now we don’t even have kissing in Bollywood films . Reply

  3. Cas Allan

    Starting this week, I will walk my long walk most days, that being roughly 3.7klms, and on days when my son isn’t working we will go to the local pool and do some laps (after the high school next door goes in for the morning). My legs are fit but the top half definitely isn’t.

    1. Kaden

      / Me encantan vuestros sorteos! En especial los de este segundo anirivsareo. Estaría bien que en un futuro hagáis un sorteo sobre un Magic Trackpad para la llegada de Lion o un Apple Keyboard de aluminio.

  4. Cas Allan

    One kg down. Today I am 81.9kg despite the risotto, the pizza, the Maltezers at the cinema. I have walked my long walk each day and it is getting easier as I get fitter. 12kg to go.

    1. funny

      Awesome! For reasons unknownb, MacMail derailed this message. Only just found it!

      You’re winning, so far. I’ve only lost a pound or so…and it keeps sneaking back up! 😮

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