Neighbor’s Barking Dog!

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Section II: Going to the Dogs
(Or Cats)

 24. Is it normal for the neighbor’s dog to bark at nothing every time it gets let outside?

It’s possible to train a dog not to yap, but it’s difficult. There are devices such as citronella-spraying collars and collars that dispense a mild shock that discourage a dog from yapping. While you can put these unpleasant gadgets on your own pet (if you must and if cruelty is your thing), you can’t inflict them on the neighbors’ animals.

Try taking a recorder—digital or otherwise—and placing it on the wall between your house and the neighbor’s. Then politely take it over to the person and run it, and explain that the noise is waking you up at an unacceptable hour and that the dog needs to be trained to quit yapping. Possibly you could share some printouts from Amazon showing a few reasonably humane gadgets designed to help with that training.

Good luck. Some people are reasonable about their pets and some are just not.