Running in place…

A day late in posting this week’s Complete Writer post — my apologies to anyone who’s been following that *FREE READ.*

Summer is coming to its end and life is beginning to stir here. All of today and this evening will be completely given over to choir. Tomorrow morning: socializing with a lovely friend. Next week: all day on Monday is gone, half the day Tuesday, half the day Wednesday, half the day Thursday, all day Friday. And that doesn’t cover time needed for grocery shopping, maintaining the pool, maintaining the yard, maintaining the house, taking care of the dogs, and taking care of me.

I have not written next Monday’s chapter of Ella’s story; the likelihood that I will find time to do that in half a day tomorrow is almost nil.

Complicating matters more: WordPress is dumping its operating system (or whatever one calls the software that runs a website) and installing Something Completely Different.

Yes. Life as a Monty Python Show.

Our Web guru says the new software, bloviatingly dubbed “Gutenberg” (so original and earth-shaking is it, we’re told…), is not all that difficult to use. But I have no faith. He, being a young thing, does not realize how difficult it is for the older brain to change gears at full speed. Nor, I suspect, does he fully appreciate how sick and tired I am of the endless, brain-banging hassles caused by endless, brain-banging, pointless techno-change for the sake of mere pointless change.

It is entirely possible that a new whack-sh!t conversion will break this site, and maybe even all my sites. It is also possible that I will find it too difficult or too confusing to make the adjustment. In that case, I will try to migrate my content to Medium.

That also will entail having to learn an entire new program, but from what I can tell, it’s pretty user-friendly and not all that different from WordPress. Also, the Medium platform has some serious advantages that could increase traffic and readership.

Complicating matters further, my credit union is also completely revamping its website, as of Labor Day. Expecting the usual snafus, their PR people have begged us — over and over — to download all data NOW! Obviously, I’ll have to wait until late next week for that, to capture all of this month’s transactions. Since that CU hosts both corporate and personal sets of accounts (a total of SIX separate savings and checkings accounts), that fun activity will absorb yet another half-day of my time next week.

So…watch this space. If  I have to shift to another platform, I’ll ask my guru to post a notice to that effect with a link directing readers to the new site, keep this site up for a month or so, and then shut down P&S Press, Funny about Money, The Copyeditor’s Desk, and Camptown Ladies Press in favor of whatever appears on Medium.