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Social Media Guru Hates It…

LOL! You’ve heard of “Mikey Likes It”? Well, Darrell Hates It!


Yesterday Social Media Guru Darrell and I were studying the Blog and Social Media Empire, and I chanced to show him my latest little cheat-on-Twitter’s-140-words JPEG.

All very well and good, said he. But are you crazy? Only about a third of that shows on Twitter’s minuscule snapshot of your image. Don’t make Readers click on the image to see all the words. ’Cause they WON’T.

See this? says he.

Bonnie AdGet rid of paragraph 1. Then take “He stroked her cheek, the fine chestnut creature.” Add dot-dot-dot; videlicet, He stroked her cheek, the fine chestnut creature… Delete the rest of the graf.

Delete the next graf.

Keep “Yes. Two of them…” to the end of that paragraph.

Fix the remainder. Republish.


Well, point taken: Use your 140 characters to lead in with the first few words of the passage you want to quote in your marketing copy. Then use the fake-out-Twitter image to contain JUST enough content to cover the truncated view you get at first glance.

How do I hate Twitter?

Let me count the ways.