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Review: Impervious

Impervious (City of Eldrich, Book One)Impervious by Laura Kirwan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A mid-career lawyer is recalled (by forces, as it develops, that transcend family obligations) to the small town where her father is dying of Alzheimer’s; she takes on a job in the local prosecutor’s office. About a half-dozen pages into the story, the plot thickens!

This is a highly entertaining fantasy story, featuring a protagonist who is a grown woman, rather than a brash young thing. As Meaghan, her family, and her friends are drawn into the bizarreness that dominates the little town, the reader is drawn in, too. Soon you’re wondering if your favorite characters are going to survive in one piece, and if so, how!

The writing is witty, lively, and engaging. A perfect novel for travel, for the bedside, or for a rainy afternoon.

Victoria Hay, Ph.D.
Slave Labor: The New Story of American Higher Education
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