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If You’d Asked Me… Wife vs. Mother-in-Law *FREE READ*

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SECTION 1, Continued:

God Is Great, Beer Is Good, and People Are Crazy

8. Can my wife legally keep my parents from visiting our home due to simply disliking them?

And you married this because…?

We have children together, and she has repeated that they will not see them. What can I do legally? I want my parents to see their grandkids. There’s no abuse.

You need to talk to a lawyer or at least a marriage counselor. Why are you asking a question like this at an Internet hive mind when you need expert advice?

Why are you still having babies by this woman? From what you describe in your lengthy response (below, to another commenter) her behavior toward you is abusive. Stop getting her pregnant. And get a lawyer.

You also need to know why—the real reason—she doesn’t want the couple around her children . . . is it possible that there was some child abuse that she’s afraid to talk about? She could be afraid that the children will be taken away by CPS if a report of sexual abuse comes out.

There’s often friction between a wife and a mother-in-law. I didn’t care at all for my mother-in-law, but I certainly never demanded that she never see the children. My sister-in-law, however, disliked our MiL so much that she told her husband that MiL was not to stay in their home. Mil could stay in a motel but not at their house. If dear brother-in-law insisted that she stay at their home, then my sister-in-law would go to a motel. Other than being an annoying, arrogant fruitcake, our mother-in-law was not abusive. She was just so irritating it was difficult to be around her for more than a few hours. But neither my sister-in-law nor I thought “annoying, arrogant fruitcake” was a reason to deny her access to her grandchildren. Something more is going on here.