The Editor’s Emblematic Feather

Look what I found in the neighborhood park!


I believe that to be a duck feather. It’s Duck Joy Spring just now — a mating pair has taken up residence in my pool; the neighbor has the same visitors. It’s a huge feather…you can see how large it is in comparison to the 30 Pounds/4 Months book, which is 5½ inches wide by 8½ high.

But isn’t it funny how much it looks like the Copyeditor’s Desk quill pen?


That was designed by graphic artist Jim Metcalf.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with the real-life feather. There’s a Navajo rug hanging on a family room wall…I could tuck it in so it would kind of embellish the rug. But that’s tacky. Very tacky. Too tacky even for moi.

What I need as a cool antique inkwell that it could sit on. Or even beside, on the desk.

Meanwhile, more copies of the diet/cookbook are selling. I have to pick up a bunch of them next week to distribute, with a few extra to carry around to bookstores and other possible retailers.

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