There’ll be some changes…

…maaade today! There’ll be some changes made! 😀

So distracted have I been by the various harassments and stresses of the past month or two that I haven’t had the remotest chance of keeping up with the ambitious schedule I posited for this site: posting a chapter a week from each of three books, one of them a work in progress. This required me to post three chapters a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

😀 Not a CHANCE, not when your life goes s-p-r-r-o-o-i-i-i-n-g-g!!!

Okayyy…if the Plain & Simple Press blog is to stay alive, we’ll have to rejigger that scheme, by quite a bit. The new plan: Post a chapter from one book once a week, preferably on Monday or Wednesday (the day’s TBA…too busy right this instant to set that in stone). So — say — one week, a chapter from The Complete Writer, the next week one from If You’d Asked Me…, and the next week from Ella’s Story, cycling along in that order from month to month, now and evermore.

This would give three weeks to write a chapter for Ella — I’ve been so fully knocked for a loop that I haven’t been able to struggle through to the end of the chapter that supposedly has been under way for…how long? A month or so, for sure.

It would mean a slower pace for readers, but it would give me more time to cope with some of the ongoing, apparently never-ending crises and catastrophes. And I could also post on writing and editing topics occasionally…which is what I started this blog for in the first place.

What might these little dramas be, you wonder? Here ya go: the chapter outline of the soap opera that is my life, Dispatches from Hell: