There’ll Be Some Changes Made Today: FREE Changes!

Here at Plain & Simple Press, we’re making some major changes. The biggest major change? We’re going to be giving away books…yes…for free.

Amazon urges us to give our books away for free — this, we’re told, will make us loved and rich. Or possibly loved, if not rich.

Well. You know…if anyone is going to distribute our work for free, it oughta be no one other than us.

So, here’s the plan. We have three works in progress, each a book-length magnum opus. One is a work of nonfiction, a 21st-century guide to the craft of writing. Another is a collection of short and often feisty essays. And the third is a novel set on worlds far, far away in another culture and in another time.

On a regular basis with no particular schedule — several times a week — P&S Press will publish a chapter from one or another of these books, beginning at the beginning. We will post these at our blog, News and Chat. You can subscribe to News and Chat by clicking on the little orange icon in the title line of its feed, right over there in the right-hand side of this page. ⇒⇒⇒

Each book will also have its own page, which you can find in the menu at the top of this page.

We’ll collect each book’s content in its web page, as the chapters appear in the blog. So, you can read any or all of three books in progress for absolutely FREE.

No ads in your face
No demands that you disable your ad-blocker
No wheedling to get you to pay to subscribe

You can read each work in progress — The Complete Writer, If You’d Asked Me, and Ella’s Story, collected a chapter at a time on its own page, or you can follow each book’s progress here at the News & Chat blog. We will first publish a chapter here; then collect it on book’s dedicated page.

If you’d like to have your own copy — physical or digital — we can do that, too. You can order a PDF of the entire book for just $4.99, or a handsomely produced paperback for $15.99. Get in touch through our Contacts page, and we will make it so.

We will not be able to extend this offer to our existing books, since they’re already cast in stone, emitted in flying electrons, and set in little black characters. But from this time forward, the works we have in progress will be made available to all our readers: free from the Web; cheap in hand.