If You Asked Me: Trying to Steal My Dog? *FREE READS*

19. What should I do if someone follows me home while I’m walking my dog? I believe they were trying to steal my dog.

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Don’t go back to your place. Go to a neighbor’s home, ring the bell, and if they answer explain that someone is following you. This is a good reason to get to know the neighbors: so they’ll recognize you and let you in.

Carry a cell phone when you walk the dog. If someone is following you, dial 911 and ask for police help. That assumes you’re in the US . . . if not, call your local emergency number or, lacking that, call someone you know and ask them to come pick you up.

Another option is to go to a crowded place, such as a fast food joint or a convenience store, and tell the proprietors you’re frightened because someone seems to be following you. In the US of course it’s against the law to bring a dog into an establishment that serves food, but they probably would make an exception if you said you felt threatened.