Have You Ever Walked Out on a Doctor? If You’d Asked Me *FREE READ*

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Have you ever walked out of a doctor’s office because the doctor was being disrespectful to you?

Sure enough. This happened about four decades ago. Think we live in a dystopia today? {chortle!} You should’ve been a woman in the early 1970s. 😀

Most of the time a woman of my generation expected a certain amount of condescension from doctors, and the assumptions that a) the female patient was, by her nature, not too bright and b) her time was worth nothing.

I’d gone to a gynecologist’s office (interestingly, back in the Day gynecologists were the worst in this regard) for a routine exam. Like all gynecologists at the time, this guy could make you sit in the waiting room until the cows came home — that was to be expected, so you would bring a book or a portable job-related project to work on.

This particular day, they called me into the back office, parked me in an examination room, told me to take off my clothes, don a tissue-paper robe, and assume the position. The room was COLD. Sitting there in a paper gown was uncomfortable, but then the whole procedure is uncomfortable, so a little icy air-conditioning didn’t matter much.

The minutes ticked by. And ticked by. And ticked by. And ticked by. And ticked… About a half-hour or 45 minutes later, I realized it was the lunch hour and most of the staff had left the office. I could hear the doctor and those still at the desk yakking and joking around. Possibly they had forgotten me. Or possibly they simply thought my time was worth nothing and so they could leave me sitting there until they felt moved to get around to proceeding with our (now VERY late) appointment.

I got up. Tossed the gown on the table. Put on my clothing. And walked out. Not one person even noticed me walking out of the office!

That, IMHO, is a variety of disrespect. And indeed it was: the point is that in those days a woman’s time had exactly zero value. So it was OK to waste it by leaving her sitting in an examination room until after you finished eating your lunch and socializing with your coworkers.

1 thought on “Have You Ever Walked Out on a Doctor? If You’d Asked Me *FREE READ*

  1. Connie Graham

    I had one of “those” doctors ignore me during a chat we were having. I don’t remember now, exactly, why I was there. But I do remember thinking that it was a waste of time. He’d ask me a question and not listen to my answer. If I’d told him his hair was on fire, or that I’d been embezzling money from the office till, he would not have flinched. Then he left me to put on the glamorous paper “gown” you mentioned…and did not return. Like you, I got dressed and left, but not until giving a piece of my mind, quite enthusiastically, to his office personnel and everyone in the waiting room. I wanted them to know what a jerk this guy was and that if they had any self respect at all they should find another doctor. And out the door I went.

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