Woo Hoo! ALL of Fire-Rider’s in Print!

We’re happy to announce the print publication of the entire Fire-Rider saga, in three handsome paperback volumes. Available in print only through Plain & Simple Press, the three books tell the story of allied warrior bands making their way through a post-civilized future world.

Over at Amazon, the Fire-Rider tales are already earning some kind praise:

Reminds me of Robert Adams’ Horseclans series in the way you can dimly see the strands of our present world shimmering in the fabric of a far-future United States. . . .

What would our world be like if civilization failed? . . . A bit like David Brin’s The Postman only darker and more adult themes.

Don’t miss the print books! Read them. Show them off. Get sand in them at the beach. Drop your popcorn on them. Read them in the bathtub. Drop them on the floor. Lend them to your friends. Leave them to your heirs. They’re all yours, and they’re not inside an electronic device!

And the price is right! By ordering now, you can get all three books for what it would cost to download 18 serials into a Kindle. Without having to pay for a Kindle… 😉

To get your copy, drop us a line through our Contact page.

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