Why Do Some People Favor Cats over Dogs?

25. Why do a lot of people prefer cats to dogs?

Cats carry a parasite that infects the mammalian brain—including that of humans. It causes its host to adore the cat, thereby facilitating the parasite’s reproductive cycle (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/rage-disorder-linked-with-parasite-found-in-cat-feces/ ).

This is one reason you’ll hear people telling you cats are cleaner than dogs (they’re not; they’ll urinate and poop all over your house, and the stink is impossible to remove), smarter than dogs (they’re certainly not), that their cats must be allowed to run loose to pee, poop, and depredate wildlife on your property, and on and on and on. Their minds may have been altered by infection with this unpleasant parasite.

The parasite, by the way, has been fingered as a cause of schizophrenia, among other mental illnesses:

Dogs may annoy you, but they don’t make you crazy.