Twitter Mystification

Half my day was absorbed in the Twitter/Facebook Time Suck. Work started at 7 a.m. and went through until 12:30, when I had to leave to meet some friends for a prearranged get-together. Got home around 4:30.

At that point, I had to undo a mess the lawn guy had made in the garden when he repaired (thank goodness!!) the sprinkling system. This unplanned chore took until almost dark

What was on the schedule today? To begin creating covers for 15 new books. These need to be done by this time tomorrow night (it’s almost 8 p.m. now). I should start on that right now but am simply too tired to move. How exactly I’m going to get to twice as many covers as I planned to create tomorrow escapes my comprehension.

So basically what happened is that all of my productive time today was sucked away in Twitter. The outcome, to the extent that one can identify an outcome, was 22 incoming messages informing me of “favorites,” “retweets,” “direct messages” (most of them advertising the sender’s product or site), and new followers. That’s probably more than I’ve ever gotten in a single day. They really liked this little squib I posted, about reviews for the first three Fire-Rider bookoids :

5-star reviews LoRes

I’m having a very difficult time figuring out how social media are supposed to work, REALLY, as marketing tools. Or if they do. The fundamental problem behind that issue is that I don’t understand social media at all.


  • Why would anyone other than a kid spend time on something like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Periscope? Who other than a teenager or a nine-year-old has the time to diddle away on this stuff?
  • What are they seeking?
  • Who are these people? Are they in fact adults? Or are most of them teenagers and children?
  • What kind of people are they?
    • What do they do in their lives?
    • How do they have time to waste on social media?
  • What do social media provide that more focused, less trivial media do not provide?
  • What is one trying to accomplish when one engages a social medium?
    • Evidently it’s not a direct sale.
    • I understand the principle that the point is to lure people to your website. I don’t understand how that would happen, though, because going to other users’ websites is not something I ordinarily do myself — at least, not often.
  • How does one focus and deliver a message on, say, Twitter? Or any of them, really?
  • How does one avoid getting lost or drowned out in all that static?
  • Which one or two platforms works best for marketing books?

It’s all one huge mystification.