A New Publisher a-Borning?

Wow! Things are popping in the racey-book kettle. Most notably, four writers have come forward expressing interest in writing for the new publishing enterprise. One is the best journalistic writer I know who’s still in the business. Another is experienced with the genre, and the other two are promising.

This is amazing.

My second lively bookoid, to be called The Ouija Lover, is almost done — should wrap it up today, barring any new interruptions. I have a good idea for the second installment of the Biker Babe idea (now dubbed Bobbi and the Biker), and a fair idea for the second Ouija Lover.

Meanwhile, check out this little report about a publishing company called Ellora’s Cave: They claim at one point to have been selling 200,000 books a month! Holy freaking MACKEREL! I’ve worked for publishers who would be happy to sell 200,000 copies a year.

Well. I certainly don’t need to burn up the world like that. All I need is to earn a fraction of a living. And it looks like that actually could happen with this tack.

On another (related) front, I’m in the process of moving my self-hosted sites to another service. I probably will move Writers Plain & Simple off WordPress.com at that time — whenever we decide which service is best. I hope I don’t lose those of you who are following… If the site disappears from whatever service brings it to you, bear in mind that the domain name will remain the same: writersplainandsimple.com . Follow me there! 🙂

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    WordPress hides your email, and so if you’re interested, you should get in touch with me at vicky [at] thecopyeditorsdesk.com

    Substitute the “at’ symbol, o’course! 😀

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